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The difference between acoustic and electric guitars

Guitars have been one of the most popular music instruments in history. They have their roots in many Medieval music instruments and their true origin is still debated. You can find guitar shops all over the world, and buying one is the dream of every teenager. They became so popular thanks to their versatility, and you can hear that many songs from different genres include the guitar. It has a very playful yet powerful sound that is suitable with many music genres and types of songs. There are many types of guitars on the market, but the biggest names are the acoustic and the classic. We have listed some of the differences between these two types in order to help you choose your next favorite music instrument.

String-Based Instruments

Both the acoustic and electric guitar are string-based instruments. You can play them by using a pick or just your fingers. There are usually five steel strings attached to the body and the neck, but there are multiple variations to this. The sound is made by the plucking of the string and it depends on the type of string, the tightness of the strings and the technique of the player.

The sound of the acoustic guitar is produced by the sound board. Acoustic guitars are made of wood and they have a special empty room inside of them. Its purpose is to amplify the sounds produced by the string. The quality of the sound room is very important for the overall quality of the sound. The electric guitar needs a pickup in order to sound good. This type of guitar doesn’t have a sound room and relies on magnetic interaction on electrical power to generate sounds. The guitar is much thinner than the acoustic, but the price gets much higher because of the pickup and accessory equipment.


There is also a big difference in size. The acoustic guitar can be quite large and difficult to carry around. The size of it comes from the necessity of the sound room. The length of the neck differs from model to model but in general acoustic guitars have longer necks than the electric ones. The electric guitars are smaller than the acoustic, and this allowed many rock stars to be able to dance and move around while performing.

The main disadvantage of the electric guitar is that it requires electrical power at all times in order to be heard. The acoustic needs just a player. This is why the acoustic guitar is often associated with country music and with trips in the mountains. It is definitely one of the favorite instruments of the folk players thanks to its easy use.

Acoustic guitars are also quite cheap. You can get a decent instrument for less than $150 because you will not need any accessories. The price of the electric guitar alone can get above $300 without the pickup and cables. This difference comes from the technological advancement.