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Second Hand Music Shops Chicago

Often it is too expensive to buy new music instruments, especially if a person is just starting out learning music and how to play an instrument. It is thus very useful to know what second hand shops are around where you can buy used musical instruments. This is particularly the case if you have a child who you are not sure is fully committed to learning an instrument, or if you are a college student who has limited funds.

Either way, buying a second hand instrument is probably a better idea as new musical instruments can be very expensive. Once you have had practice or are sure your child is serious then you can always buy a new instrument. Also some of these shops allow you to trade in an instrument which means you can trade in the used instrument and use the money towards buying a brand new instrument.

Midwest Buy and Sell

The Chicago Music Exchange is one such shop. They offer a range of used instruments and accessories that you can purchase. They sell many guitars including both electric and bass, as well as keyboards, recorders, synthesizers and drums. They are also conveniently open on every day of the week and also have the advantage of offering payment plans and they also do ship products. Guitar Center is another shop that sells used guitars and accessories.

Midwest Buy and Sell has been open since 1991. They sell used and new instruments from several different well-known guitar brands such as Gibson, Rickenbacker and Fender. They also have a Facebook business page which is convenient. Tommy’s guitar shop located on Chicago Avenue specializes in selling used musical instruments of various types, including guitars. You can not only buy but also trade or sell instruments at this shop, which is very convenient.

Evolution music is another shop where you can buy or trade used musical instruments which include guitars, drums and various accessories. They also offer a repair service and at times, music lessons. If you are looking for a second hand drum set, then Vic’s Drum Shop is the place to visit. They offer a very wide range of different drums and accessories, including, new, vintage and used drums and accessories. Their website is very comprehensive, showing a photograph and price for each product. So you can search for a used drum or accessory before physically going to the store, which is very useful and time-saving.

The Rock N Roll Vintage Guitar Shop

The Rock N Roll Vintage Guitar Shop sells used musical instruments, including guitars, drums and accessories. You can search for products on their website, where the price and make is also included. Aside from the used instruments they do also offer vintage restored and new musical instruments.

Chicago has a range of music shops available if you are looking to buy a used musical instrument. Some of these shops also include an option to trade and some offer repair services as well. With some research you will be able to successfully find a second hand store that suits your needs.