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Music Lessons in Chicago

It is not uncommon for a person to want to learn a musical instrument, whether that the person a child or an adult. The Chicago School of Music has been around since 1998 and offers lessons which span the range from total beginners to more experienced players who want to play professionally and sharpen their skills. Lessons are offered in singing as well as playing of individual instruments. They offer lessons at various times of day and night to accommodate different people’s schedules. Instruments that they teach are the: guitar, drums, piano, bass, flute, saxophone and clarinet, and even the harp.

For adult music classes, there are quite a few places in Chicago that you can go to. One of these is the Old Town School of Folk Music. Do not let the name fool you, they offer music lessons on a range of musical instruments and do offer classes for children as well. They offer a range of lessons in a range of music genres, not just folk music. They teach instruments such as the banjo,  mandolin, guitar, drums, piano, and accordion among others. They offer both private lessons and group lessons for both adults and children of different age groups.

The music institute of Chicago is geared towards the beginner musician, whether that is a child or adult. They offer private lessons and also offer summer music camps, which is a nice option for parents looking for a non-traditional camp for their kids to attend over the summer. The New Music School of Chicago offers lessons from members of the Chicago symphony orchestra. They do offer private lessons in your home which is a big advantage over some of the other schools. Aside from this, they do offer lessons on their school campus. They do say they prepare students for college as well. Classes are offered from early childhood to adult.

Bucktown music offers private one-on-one lessons and group classes starting at ages 6 years and up. Group classes for adults include learning to play musical instruments such as the guitar, and even the ukulele. Children can receive private instruction on various musical instruments including the piano, violin, banjo, guitar, trumpet, drums and cello. Bucktown music also offers private voice lessons for kids who want to be singers.

The Merit School of Music provides lessons within the metropolitan region of Chicago. They offer private lessons for children on instruments. They also do offer voice lessons. The school offers early childhood learning programs which incorporate song, instruments and movements into the program. This includes programs for newborn babies. Private lessons on instruments are from the age of four years and up. Instrument lessons include the: piano, guitar, horn, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet and oboe to mention a few.

Aside from these music schools a person can also search online ads to find a private tutor. No matter what your age or experience level, there is certain to be a place or person who can teach you music in Chicago.