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Instrument Repair Shops in Chicago

If you are musician who plays a musical instrument then it is important to know where you can take your instrument for repairs if something happens to it. Guitar Center in Chicago is such a place, which not only repairs broken instruments but also offers maintenance service. For example they offer maintenance for stringed instruments. They also do customizations so if you want to customize the look of your musical instrument then this is the place to visit. Guitar Center also provides electronic upgrade service for those who need it; and they have certified technicians who work on your instruments.

Another repair shop for stringed musical instruments is Sonksen Strings. They repair violins and bass instruments. They can fix the neck and scroll and are able to adjust instruments to improve performance. The Chicago Music Exchange not only sells musical instruments but it also has a repair center for guitars. They focus on fixing broken guitars including replacing the fret and resetting the necks. The Music Exchange also offers a restoration service for old guitars and customization service. If you need to restore or want to customize your guitar, then they can do it.

Another place you can go to for repairing guitars in Chicago is The Music Gallery. They have been in business since 1974 and offer a range of repairs including restringing of guitars, neck resets, crack repairs and customized electronics. Geoff Benges Guitar Shop repairs guitars and offers a range of customization options for customers. They are able to fix many problems, for example: they can reglue, refret, reset the neck, provide new tuners and reglue bridges. They do have various parts and accessories in stock for guitars.

The Shake Shop offers a service repairing guitars and amps. They also offer maintenance service for both acoustic and electric guitars. Services range from fret reset to rewiring and fixing cracked repairs among others. Chicago Fret Works repairs fretted instruments including banjos and mandolin aside from guitars. They repair amps and do electronics as well as refinishing of instruments. Chicago Fret Works performs structural repairs, fixing for instance broken headstock, cracked guitars, and they do bridge reglues.

Century Mallet Instrument Service has been in business since 1980. They have repaired instruments for various orchestras including the New York Philharmonic and Chicago Symphony. They offer harmonic tuning for various instruments such as xylophones. They also repair various instruments that have become cracked or damaged in other ways. Restoration of old instruments is an additional service that this shop offers. Borish Electronics is a music repair shop that specializes on electronics. They can repair keyboards (including electromechanical keyboards), and synthesizers as well as amplifiers and DJ equipment, including turntables and speakers.

The Chicago Electric Piano Co. employees are experts at fixing pianos and keyboards. They do stock vintage parts so they can repair and restore old vintage pianos and keyboards as well. They can repair both electric and acoustic pianos. Chicago is a very good place to find an excellent repair shops for repairing musical instruments.