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How to Keep Your Guitar in Top Condition

Guitars have been some of the most popular music instruments in history thanks to their versatility and uniqueness. There are still many debates regarding the origin of this marvelous instrument, but one thing is for sure: we can’t get enough of it. There are many music genres that adopted this music instrument thanks to its versatility and pleasant sound. You can listen to any music genre and, at some point, you will definitely hear a guitar in the background. Thanks to its amazing popularity, there are countless shops where you can purchase a guitar. But not many people know how to correctly take care of it. We have listed some of the best ways to keep your guitar in top condition in order to enjoy this amazing instrument for as many years as possible.

The Correct Environment

Keep your guitar in the correct environment. There are many people that buy an acoustic guitar and one year later they discover that the neck is crooked, or the body is falling apart. This is not necessarily the fault of the company that produced it. Wooden guitars have to be kept in a good environment that is not too cold or too hot, and the humidity should be at a normal level. Keeping the guitar in the garage during the winter will guarantee that in the spring it will not be tuned anymore, and there will definitely be some damage. Try to keep the guitar in the same environment where you stay, and you should be safe.

Clean your guitar

Clean your guitar

Clean your guitar regularly. The acoustic guitar should also be checked inside for any residue and dust. These can damage the sound of an acoustic guitar and, before taking it to the service, check inside. Even a small piece of paper can alter the sound. The electric guitar should also be checked every six months. Take the guitar to a specialized service that will know how to take it apart in order to clean the parts. It is better to leave this kind of job for the professionals because if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might end up ruining your guitar.

Keep it hydrated

Keep the body of the acoustic guitar hydrated. The wood can get very stiff and dry because of old age and this will affect your playing techniques and hands. The best oil for wood is the lemon oil. It penetrates the wood very easily and will keep the surface of your guitar smooth. Don’t use steel picks when playing an acoustic guitar. Even if you are a skilled player, you can still hit the wood with the pick and this will definitely damage the protecting layer of the wood. Stick to plastic ones and everything should be fine.

Keep It Tuned

Always keep your guitar tuned. Even if you are an occasional payer you should take care of this part. Not tuning your guitar damages the strings and the mechanical parts, and you might have to change lots of pieces because of that.