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Best clubs and bars in Chicago

Chicago is well-known for being one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the US. You can find virtually any touristic attraction here. From museums to prestigious universities, Chicago has something to offer to everybody. The busting city has seen a rise in popularity in the recent years that attracted many tourists. The popularity of this place is given by the diversity of entertainment places and the beauty of the city. Being a city with many young people, Chicago also has many nightlife hot spots that attract the youth. We have listed some of the best clubs and bars in Chicago in order to make your stay in the city even more pleasant.

Smart Bar

Smart Bar is one of the main nightlife hot spots of Chicago. This place is very close to the Metro and keeps the house music scene alive. The city is renowned for producing some of the best DJs in the US, and Smart Bar is here to prove it. The venue is open four nights a week and guarantees good music and lots of fun. They have special nights when they invite local artists, and occasionally you will find famous DJs making music here. The place is also considered budget-friendly and it is the perfect place to have fun on a Saturday night.


Berlin is one of the oldest and most fascinating clubs in Chicago. It has first opened its doors in the 80’s and was the main attraction for the indie musicians and 80’s hardcore party people. Now, the club is known for having rotation Thursdays that focus on themed parties for the minorities like LGBTQ or Latinax. The place is considered to be very friendly and it is definitely different from the traditional house music club. It surely is a place worth visiting while being in Chicago.

Studio Paris

Studio Paris is considered one of the top clubs in Chicago. It is preferred by many local celebrities so getting inside can be quite challenging if you don’t have a reservation. The price can be quite high due to the popularity of this place, but the elegant interior and top-class service will make you feel like a superstar. It is a place worth visiting if you enjoy the glamorous and fancy clubs.

Revolution Brewing

Revolution Brewing is a very popular bar in the city. The interior resembles an old brewery, and the main attraction here is, obviously, the beer. This local pub is very proud of the wide variation of local and international beers and has a food menu suitable for every taste. It is considered by many locals the perfect place to hang out with friends and enjoy a good beer in a beautiful atmosphere.

The Up Room

The Up Room is a very edgy bar. It is quite small, and you will often need a reservation. But the view offered by this small hotel bar is very unique. The place is located at the 13th floor and has an amazing view over the city.