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The Forgotten Heroes of Grunge

The Forgotten Heroes of Grunge

If you are thinking about Chicago and grunge, music fans inevitably think of Smashing Pumpkins. The band around Billy Corgan belonged to the Holy Trinity of Grunge in the early 1990s. Alongside Nirvana and Pearl Jam, it dominated the charts and international hits. One likes to forget another band from[…]

Three Great Steps for Learning the Guitar

If you are looking for the best way to learn the guitar then these three basic steps will give you the best foundation to base your musical education upon. This brief framework will give first time guitar learners a chance to progress quickly and get to grips with the instrument.[…]

The Classical Music of Chicago

If you ask anybody what they know about Chicago, many people will respond that it is the birthplace of blues. Even though this is not strictly correct, Chicago has played a massive part in elevating blues music to the level it is today. The type of music that is lesser[…]

Chicago’s Musical History

For those of you that have been to Chicago you cannot have helped but notice the wide variety of live music venues that there are dotted all over the city.

Famous Guitarists from Chicago

Chicago has a reputation as one of the great music cities of America. Legends such as Nils Lofgren, Curtis Mayfield, Billy Corgan, and Carlos Johnson all learned their trade in the Windy City and became famous all over the world. But they are not the only gifted guitarists that plied[…]

Guitars built in windy Chicago

In the 20th century, people in the United States of America were intrigued by buying everything from catalogs. Musicians and guitar fans a main source of buying the instrument was from catalogs and seeing adverts in magazines. Chicago then was an attraction point for manufacturers due to the perfect city’s[…]

Most Skilled Guitarists of Today

Many amazing guitarists have gifted us with their talents and skills through their work on various songs, perhaps even through guitar solos. Not only do they provide us with entertainment, but they put their heart and soul into every song that they create. While there are many great guitarists in[…]

Best Ways to Transport Your Guitar

In the early days, when you are starting out with your guitar lessons, you may not need to take your guitar out with you very often. You will most likely opt to stay home and practice. But there comes a time when you will want to take your guitar out[…]