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Anna Calvi And Her Talents

The Englishwoman Anna Calvi looks like a model, has a voice with the force of an opera singer, and plays the guitar like a god.

The unusual musician with Italian roots is considered as a female version of Jimi Hendrix in the music scene. With a very similar inner power, she fights against the prejudice and campaigns for gender justice. It is impossible to underestimate the small and petite woman during her live concerts. In the finale of her shows, she specifically chooses a visitor from the audience. That person becomes the target of her musical attacks, Calvi gazes into the eyes for minutes. She seeks the reaction and the interaction in the eyes of her counterpart, so she brings her songs into a new life. Anyone who has ever seen her extreme performance on stages around the world will understand the comparison with Hendrix. The guitarist Anna Calvi merges with her instrument and leads it into all the ups and downs of her music.

Expression Is More Important Than Perfection

Her guitar playing is the main attraction of her four albums. Calvi creates variable, aggressive, and fascinating soundscapes that create associations with David Lynch’s films. Most recently, she demonstrated this masterfully on the song Swimming Pool on her last studio album called Hunter. She makes her guitar sound harp, gentle, and magical at the same time. This contrast to their aggressive guitar sound is what makes this musical climax so exciting on Hunter. It is even more surprising that Anna Calvi never had any classes on how to play the guitar. According to statements, her unique technology has always been there in her soul. She’s been playing like this since she has started. Calvi strikes its sides with a circular stair. That creates significant sound eruptions. She always plays her solos unplanned. Her favorite instrument dates from the early 1990s. It is a Fender Telecaster that she got as a gift at the age of 14. In combination with a Vox AC30 amplifier, she achieves the powerful sound that made her famous. With this equipment, she paints her sound pictures that often remind of rain or rustling water. It is less about handcrafted perfection and more about the expression.

From The Violin To The Guitar

In the beginning, the guitar was not her first choice. As the daughter of two psychotherapists, she started to play the violin at the age of six. However, she found that the guitar is a better match for her, and she completed her studies at Southampton University on both instruments. Now Ana is almost 40, and she is one of the most exciting guitarists of her generation. She has what it takes to redefine female rock ‘n’ roll. It says a lot that such stars like David Byrne are among her biggest fans. She believes that there always are many talented guitarists in the rock scene but people don’t hear them enough. After all, women still have to prove themselves before society recognizes their extraordinary achievements, and this is one of the reasons why Calvi is fighting for gender equality.

From The Violin To The Guitar
From The Violin To The Guitar