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A history of music and concerts in Chicago

Chicago is one of the most vibrant and interesting cities when it comes to music. The clubs and venues here offer something for everybody. This city has always been open to new music style and this is why it is considered the birth place of jazz. Many people still flock to Chicago in order to go to some of the most renowned music festivals on the planet. The city has many music schools that reflect the old music tradition from this area. But not many people know the whole story behind the diversity of music and concerts in Chicago. We have listed some of the key elements that constructed this amazing music tradition.

The Great Depression

Chicago has always been a bustling economic city. Situated in the Midwest, it was the connection between the East Coast and the West Coast. This brought lots of investors in the city and this is how Chicago became one of the most powerful cities in the US. The “Great Migration” happened just a year before the Great Depression. Thousands of poor black farmers came in to the city looking for work. This is how the renowned Gospel music style entered Chicago. The newcomers organized themselves into neighborhoods where they lived and shared their music skills. Many local bars soon adopted this new music style.

The Blues

Blues was also born here thanks to the new citizens of Chicago. The relaxed and melancholic style had deep roots in the slavery times and the main pioneers in this new genre were the freed black people. The songs revolve around the themes of the family, sorrow and the aspiration to be happy. This genre soon became very popular and some of the local artists became international sensations. The creativity of the artists was simply amazing, and they managed to have concerts in the “white-only” institutions. Blues is also considered to be the father of rock&roll. After the blues frenzy from the 20’s, it was time for a new music genre to arrive.


Jazz became extremely popular thanks to the fact that it was a “club” genre. The style was very cheerful and jazz clubs popped up everywhere around Chicago. There were many mixed concerts that both black and white people could attend. This is one of the main ways in which the two communities came closer. The Chicago-style jazz was soon born. This way, the city became an attraction for aspiring artists. Many great names have established themselves themselves in this city. One of the most popular superstars here was Louis Armstrong, who placed Chicago on the world map of music.

The soul

The soul music also had a great rise about the same time as the jazz. It was a much more relaxing and peaceful music style that, in some parts, resembled the old African songs. It is, like the name says, a soul genre. After this the Rock&Roll was born and many other music genres arrived in the city. Now, Chicago is considered one of the music capitals of the world.